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Hour 1810

Guests for this month are Brian Barrio, Athletics Director CCSU, and Ken Gronbach, demographer and futurist.

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Oral history interview with Daniel Brochu on 2007 Nov. 29

Daniel Brochu - Interview conducted on 11-29-2007 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. Daniel G. Brochu is a lifelong resident of Connecticut, a former lemon owner and a model "citizen advocate." At…

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Hour 1808

Guests include Dennis Deninger, Syracuse University, Professor of Practice, Sports Management Department and former ESPN Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer; Mike Ryan, President, Connecticut…

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AUTHORS 1804: Diana Cohen

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Lessons Learned In Finland

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Auth 0702 A Pablo Iannone-.mp4

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Auth 0611 Kristine Larsen 01

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Auth 0609 David Fearon

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Auth 0607 Robert Dunne

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Auth 0603 Carlotta Parr

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Auth 0502 Elizabeth Aaronsoiin

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Authors 1512: Joe Clifford

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Authors 1709 : Jason Snyder and Lisa Frank

The Essential Guide to Business Communication for Financial Professionals. Jason Snyder (Management Information Systems) and Lisa Frank (Finance) Jason Snyder is Associate to the Dean, MBA…

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Authors 1711: Aimee Pozorski

Roth After 80, Aimee Pozorski (English) Aimee Pozorski is Professor of English and Director of the English Graduate Program at Central CT State University. She has published two monographs -- Roth…

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Inaugural Teacher Meeting 10/24/16

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TLFP Next Steps

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