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Hall, Duane

Branch: Air Force War Served: WW II Rank: Buck SergeantUnit/Ship: 331st Army Air Force Base Unit Served In: Shepard Field, Texas; Columbus Army Air Field Missouri; Tyndall Field, Florida; Gulfport…

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Homar, Abraham S

Born: 09/02/1919 Died: 12/06/2014 Branch: Army Air Corps Commendation: Purple Heart War Served: WW II Rank: Technical sergeant Unit/Ship: 91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squad Served In: England,…

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Guarino, Raymond John

Born: 12/05/1929 Died: Branch: Air Force Commendation: Good Conduct Medal, National American Defense War Served: Korean Rank: Airmen First Class Battles: Unit/Ship: Headquarters United States Air…

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Gerum, Stefan

Born: 02/16/1939 Died: Branch: Air Force Commendation: War Served: N/A Rank: A2C (Airman, 2nd Class) Battles: Unit/Ship: 544 RTG Served In: United States of America and Spain Citation: Gerum,…

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Donn, Elliot

Born: 07/25/1936 Died: Branch: Navy Commendation: War Served: Cold War Rank: DK-2 Battles: Unit/Ship: USS Burdo (APD 133), USS Waldo County (LST1163) Served In: United States, Newfoundland, Panama,…

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Hour 1901

Guests appearing this month : Dennis Deninger, Syracuse University, Professor of Practice, Sports Management Department and former ESPN Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer; Joe D'Ambrosio,…

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Hour 1811

Guests appearing; Paul Pettersen, Professor of Political Science, CCSU; Jennifer Ward, Chemistry Teacher, Maloney High School and Kelly Roman, Teacher, Platt High School, the 2018 and 2017…

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Oral history interview with John Zajac recorded on 2008 May 1

John J. Zajac – Interview conducted on 05-01-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. John J. Zajac is a former state legislator who served as both state senator and representative for 20 years. He…

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Oral history interview with John J. Woodcock, III recorded 2008 June 30

John J. Woodcock III – Interview conducted on June 30, 2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette with John J. Woodcock III of West Hartford, Connecticut. Woodcock, as a Connecticut State Representative from…

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Oral history interview with Carol Roberts recorded 2008 Aug. 7

Carol Roberts – Interview conducted on 8-7-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette with Carol Roberts. Carol Roberts, of Winthrop, Maine, has a long career in consumer mediation and Lemon Law…

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Oral history interview with Mark A. Giulietti recorded 2008 Mar. 27

Mark A. Giulietti – Interview conducted on March 27, 2008 with Dr. Jerold Duquette. Mark A. Giulietti manages Connecticut’s Lemon Law Arbitration Program within the Connecticut…

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Oral history interview with Robert Carragher recorded 2008 Nov. 20

Interview with Robert Carragher – Interview conducted on 11-20-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. Robert Carragher is a native of Hartford, Connecticut, with a long record of public service…

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Senator Billy Ciotto - 02/20/15

Bob Douglas of Bristol Connecticut at Central Connecticut State University located in New Britain Connecticut on Friday, February 20, 2015 conducted a recorded interview of Biagio Billy Ciotto of…

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Oral history interview with Edmund Mierzwinski on 2007 Jul. 26

Edmund Mierzwinski – Edmund Mierzwinski, the consumer program director of U.S. PIRG in Washington, DC is a nationally recognized consumer advocate. Devoting his career to the administration of…

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Auth 1411 Tully

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