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Hour 1808

Guests include Dennis Deninger, Syracuse University, Professor of Practice, Sports Management Department and former ESPN Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer; Mike Ryan, President, Connecticut…

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Auth 1205 Delia Sanders

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Learning to Build a Positive and Productive School Culture

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Auth 0904 Mulcahy

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TLFP Next Steps

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Teacher Leaders as Coaches and Mentors

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Session A- Accountability among Baccalaureate Nursing Students- Definitions, Perceptions and Engagement Practices of Accountability

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FPS 1606: Marcus Harun

1606- Fox61 producer Marcus Harun discusses his work in the local news industry.

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FPS 1406: Diane Rothberg

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Administrator Meeting 12/1/2016

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Teacher and Administrator Meeting 02/06/17

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