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Originally at: - lemon laws oral history interviews from CCSU's Center for Public Policy Research, curated by the Elihu Burritt Library

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Learning to Build a Positive and Productive School Culture

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Auth 0711 Jan Bishop

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Auth 0610 Mary Erdmans

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Auth 0609 David Fearon

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Auth 0602 Raymond Tafrate

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Auth 0406 Christine Doyle

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TLFP December 6th 2017

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FPS 1405: Michael Mongillo

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Authors 1509: Barbara Clark and James French

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Authors 1712 : Keith Pomerlau

Overcoming Adversity, Keith Pomerlau (Alumnus) Keith J. Pomerleau graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a BS in management. He currently works for a Fortune 500 company in the…

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Hour 1707

Guests scheduled to appear: Dr. Bill Petit CT State Representative, Petit Foundation Founder, retired MD, author and speaker; CCSU Entrepreneurial Panel featuring Drew Harris, Professor,…

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Teacher Leadership and Authentic Voice

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