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Auth 0712 Jones

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Auth 0708 Daniel Wiener

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Auth 0607 Robert Dunne

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Auth 0403 Gilbert Gigliotti

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Auth 0401 Barry Leeds

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FPS1705: Robert Kagan

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FPS 1405: Michael Mongillo

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Elihu Burritt Library Course Reserve Program

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Authors 1508: Karen Ritzenhoff

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Authors 1610: Cindy Rodriguez

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Authors 1608: Karen Ritzenhoff

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Authors 1604: William Mann

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Authors 1601: Karen Ritzenhoff

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Authors 1711: Aimee Pozorski

Roth After 80, Aimee Pozorski (English) Aimee Pozorski is Professor of English and Director of the English Graduate Program at Central CT State University. She has published two monographs -- Roth…

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Authors 1707: William Mann

The Wars of the Roosevelts, William J. Mann (History) William J. Mann is the New York Times bestselling author of Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn; How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in…

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Authors 1701: Thomas Larson

The Event Series, Thomas Larson Thomas Larson, a CCSU alumnus, is a retired police detective from Manchester, Connecticut, who has, in his golden years, taken to writing. The Event Trilogy is his…

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