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Auth 1403 Mulcahy

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AUTHORS 1808: Lynda Valerie

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Auth 1112 Heather Urbanski

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Auth 0902 Merenstein

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Auth 0505 David Cappella

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Authors 1603: Cara and Daniel Mulcahy

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Authors 1704: Marianne Fallon

Writing Up Quantitative Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Marianne Fallon (Psychological Science) Marianne Fallon, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Science…

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Authors 1703: Jack Miller

World Literacy: How Countries Rank and Why It Matters, Jack Miller (CCSU President) Jack Miller is the former President of Central Connecticut State University. His work has been funded by…

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Authors 1701: Thomas Larson

The Event Series, Thomas Larson Thomas Larson, a CCSU alumnus, is a retired police detective from Manchester, Connecticut, who has, in his golden years, taken to writing. The Event Trilogy is…

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Developing Information_Literate Writers_Teaching Habits of Mind Shared by Librarians and Composition Faculty

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Movin on Up and increasing College Readiness Skills in English- Gateways Collaboration with New Haven High Schools

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Melissa Tynik

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