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Auth 1212 Steve Ostrowski

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Auth 0610 Mary Erdmans

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Auth 0601 Jackie Geller

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Authors 1509: Barbara Clark and James French

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Authors 1505: Steve Ostrowski

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Authors 1504: Suzanne Saunders Taylor

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A Conversation with CT Activists: Being LGBTQ in CT

Held February 14,2017 in Constitution Room at Central Connecticut State University. Sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Equity and the office of Student Affairs. ©2017 CCSU Media Center

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FPS 1601: Mike Lombardi

1601- Director Michael T. Lombardi returns to Frames Per Second to talk about his new series, “Brooke and Carly”

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FPS 1603_RobRoman

1603- Connecticon Press manager Rob Roman walks host Ashley Ayala through a normal weekend at the Multi Genre Convention.

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FPS 1505: John Doolan

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FPS 1502: Alexander Andruilli

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Teacher and Administrator Meeting 040317 with Ken Kay and Kathleen Greider

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