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Hour 1809

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A Moderated Conversation with Michelle Alexander : Mass Incarceration in the Age Colorblindness

Held in Welte Auditorium on Wednesday February 28, 2018 at Central Connecticut State University. Moderated by Dr. Evelyn Phillips and Dr. Warren Perry- CCSU, Anthropology. Hosted by CCSU Mosaic…

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Auth 0708 Daniel Wiener

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Hour 1711

Guests scheduled to appear: Carrie Carella, Owner/Operator NoRa Cupcake Company; Jenn T. Grace, CEO & Founder Purpose Driven Publishing, LGBTQ Business Strategist; Robert Rodriguez,…

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Authors 1506: Abigail Adams

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Authors 1606: Pablo Iannone

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Duke Teach House

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A Conversation with CT Activists: Being LGBTQ in CT

Held February 14,2017 in Constitution Room at Central Connecticut State University. Sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Equity and the office of Student Affairs. ©2017 CCSU Media Center

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A Conversation with Connecticut Activists- Being Muslim in CT

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