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Hour 1901

Guests appearing this month : Dennis Deninger, Syracuse University, Professor of Practice, Sports Management Department and former ESPN Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer; Joe D'Ambrosio,…

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Sangster, Margaret

Born: 04/10/1931 Branch: Air Force War Served: Korean Rank: First Lieutenant Served In:…

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Donald A. Graham

Born: 11/30/1925 Died: 07/12/2011 Branch: Navy War Served: WW II Rank: Seaman 1st Class Unit/Ship: 7th Amphibious Served In: Algiers; Bisenti; Salerno; Palermo, Sicily; Southern France Citation:…

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Richard F. Hill

Born: 12/28/1928 Branch: Navy Rank: Torpedoman 3rd Class Served In: Camp Perry, VA Citation: Hill, Richard F., Veterans History Project Interview, July 14, 2008, by James Lyko, Elihu Burritt Library…

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Willie James Macon

Born: 08/18/1922 Died: 09/06/2005 Branch: Army War Served: WW II Rank: Private Served In: Fort Dix, NJ; Camp Upton, NY; Camp Pines, NY; Philippines Citation: Macon, Willie James, Veterans History…

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Auth 0908 Kideckel

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Auth 0410 Gloria Emeagwali

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Hour 1711

Guests scheduled to appear: Carrie Carella, Owner/Operator NoRa Cupcake Company; Jenn T. Grace, CEO & Founder Purpose Driven Publishing, LGBTQ Business Strategist; Robert Rodriguez,…

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BOR FAC Keynote Address : Sara Goldrick-Rab

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Growth Prospects of Fragile Economies

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Panel 2 Kenneth Saltman

CSU-AAUP & CCSU SGA Summit on Inequality and the Crisis of Public Higher Education Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

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