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Ready Set Research Workshop (website and database searching)

Burritt Library Website and Database Workshop Presented by Susan Slaga-Metivier

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MLA Tutorial

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E-Journal Finder

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Google Scholar Tutorial

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Grading Assignments with Bb Annotate

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Sharing PPT Slides Ahead of Time

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APA Tutorial

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Communication & Mass Media Complete

This is a tutorial for the Communication & Mass Media Complete database.

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Women & Social Movements in the United States, 1600 - 2000

This is a tutorial for the Women & Social Movements in the United States, 1600 - 2000 database.

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America's Historical Newspapers

A video tutorial for the America's Historical Newspapers database.

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Auth 1412 Tomiaiulo

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Auth 1406 Iglesias

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AUTHORS 1811: Carl Antonucci and Sharon Clapp

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Auth 1202 Edward Iglesias

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Auth 0507 Nicholas Tomaiuolo

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Authors 1703: Jack Miller

World Literacy: How Countries Rank and Why It Matters, Jack Miller (CCSU President) Jack Miller is the former President of Central Connecticut State University. His work has been funded by state,…

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