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Robert Dorr - April 17, 2008 Interview (Lemon Law)

Robert Dorr – Interview conducted on April 17, 2008 with Dr. Jerold Duquette.Robert Dorr of Waterbury, Connecticut was, at the time of passage of Lemon Law II (the first major revision to the …

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Oral history interview with Robert Carragher recorded 2008 Nov. 20

Interview with Robert Carragher – Interview conducted on 11-20-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. Robert Carragher is a native of Hartford, Connecticut, with a long record of public service…

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Senator Billy Ciotto - 02/20/15

Bob Douglas of Bristol Connecticut at Central Connecticut State University located in New Britain Connecticut on Friday, February 20, 2015 conducted a recorded interview of Biagio Billy Ciotto of…

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