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Rausch, Walter F.

Born: 09/12/1918 Died: 01/26/2017 Branch: Army Commendation: War Served: WW II Rank: 1st Lt. Battles: Unit/Ship: New York Signal Corps Inspection Agency Served In: Citation: Rausch, Walter F.,…

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Brown, Frederick L.

Born: 09/26/1950 Died: Branch: Navy Commendation: War Served: Vietnam/ Vietnam Era Rank: HN (E-3) Battles: Unit/Ship: USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7) Served In: Great Lakes, IL; St. Albans Naval Hospital,…

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Michele Castro Oral History Interview

Oral history with Michele Castro recorded Fall 2013 Oral histories -- Interviews -- Connecticut; Emigration and immigration; Sicily (Italy); Michele Castro is interviewed by Kara Blandino and Anna…

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Karow, Nathanael

Born: 11/21/1981 Died: Branch: Army Commendation: Branch Commendation medal, Bronze Star War Served: Afghanistan and/or Iraq Rank: Captain Battles: Unit/Ship: 1/4 Cavalry Squadron, 1st Infantry…

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Horn, Frederick George

Born: 05/18/1940 Died: Branch: Army, National Guard Commendation: War Served: Persian Gulf, Vietnam/ Vietnam Era Rank: E7 - SFC Battles: Unit/Ship: 1st Battalion, 102nd Infantry Regiment Served In:…

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Fullan, Robert V.

Born: 10/21/1921 Died: Branch: Navy Commendation: War Served: WW II Rank: Lieutenant S.G. Battles: Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Guam, Okinawa Unit/Ship: YMS20, YMS44, AM63, AM103 Served In: New York;…

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Chittenden, Jean

Born: 12/03/1924 Died: 04/10/2020 Branch: Coast Guard Commendation: War Served: WW II Rank: Radioman Third Class Battles: Unit/Ship: Served In: New York, NY; Palm Beach, FL; Traverse City, MI;…

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Chapman, Alfred J.

Born: 02/15/1927 Died: Branch: Navy Commendation: War…

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Martire, Ralph

Born: 02/02/1924 Died: 02/29/2016 Branch: Army Commendation: …

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Thompson, Muriel A.

Born: 07/17/1922 Died: Branch: Army Commendation: War…

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Moss, Donald F.

Born: 01/20/1920 Died: 05/18/2010 Branch: Marines Commendation: War Served: WW II Rank: Corporal Battles: Cape Gloucester Unit/Ship: 3rd Marine Division Served In: Parris Island, SC; Guadalcanal;…

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Auth 1305 Hensler

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Auth 0807 Dowling

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Auth 0703 Steven Ostrowski

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FPS 1604: Mitch Hallock

Terrificon producer Mitch Hallock gives Ashley Ayala the low down on the ins and outs of producing a comic convention.

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