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Oral history interview with John Zajac recorded on 2008 May 1

John J. Zajac – Interview conducted on 05-01-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. John J. Zajac is a former state legislator who served as both state senator and representative for 20 years. He…

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Oral history interview with John J. Woodcock, III recorded 2008 June 30

John J. Woodcock III – Interview conducted on June 30, 2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette with John J. Woodcock III of West Hartford, Connecticut. Woodcock, as a Connecticut State Representative from…

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Richard Balducci interviewed by Robert Douglas, January 23, 2001

Interview conducted on 1-23-2001 by Robert Douglas with Richard Balducci of Deep River, Connecticut. Mr. Balducci served in the House of Representatives with William …

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Authors 1605: Robert Dowling

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