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Oxnard School District Dedication Ceremony

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Oxnard Cesar Chavez School Ceremony 1993

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How to Create a Blackboard Discussion Board

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Oral history interview with John Zajac recorded on 2008 May 1

John J. Zajac – Interview conducted on 05-01-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. John J. Zajac is a former state legislator who served as both state senator and representative for 20 years. He…

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Oral history interview with Rosemary Shahan on 2007 Dec. 06

Rosemary Shahan - Interview conducted on 12-06-2007 by Dr. Jerold Duquette with Rosemary Shahan. Ms. Shahan is the founder and president of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS). CARS is a…

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Hour 1809

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Teacher Leadership and Authentic Voice

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P20 Win

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Teacher and Administrator Meeting 040317 with Ken Kay and Kathleen Greider

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