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Stimson, Dayton

Born: 04/06/1949 Died: Branch: Navy Commendation: War Served: Vietnam/ Vietnam Era Rank: Battles: Unit/Ship: Administration Department Served In: Memphis, TN; Air craft carrier, Tonkin Gulf,…

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Oral history interview with Robert Carragher recorded 2008 Nov. 20

Interview with Robert Carragher – Interview conducted on 11-20-2008 by Dr. Jerold Duquette. Robert Carragher is a native of Hartford, Connecticut, with a long record of public service…

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AUTHORS 1811: Carl Antonucci and Sharon Clapp

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The Finland Story

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Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Excellence in Teaching 2017

Finalists for this year's Excellence in Teaching Award include Michele Dischino-Technology & Engineering Education, Maria Lourdes Casas- Modern Languages, Frederic Latour- Mathematical…

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A Moderated Conversation with Michelle Alexander : Mass Incarceration in the Age Colorblindness

Held in Welte Auditorium on Wednesday February 28, 2018 at Central Connecticut State University. Moderated by Dr. Evelyn Phillips and Dr. Warren Perry- CCSU, Anthropology. Hosted by CCSU Mosaic…

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Auth 0804 Reagan.mp4

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Auth 0604 Bob Emiliani

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Auth 0504 Carole B. Shmurak

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CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program- Inaugural Teacher Meeting 10/24/16

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How a large District Organized Itself

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Teacher Leadership and Authentic Voice

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TLFP Welcome and Keynote Address with Dr Yong Zhao.mp4

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