Hour 1802

Guests scheduled to appear: Mark Benigni, Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools; Fran Rabinowitz, Executive Director CAPSS and Betty Sternberg, Director, CCSU Teacher Leadership Fellowship…

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Hour 1712

Guests scheduled to appear: Joseph DeFeo, Chairman and CEO, Juran; Kevin Dillon, Executive Director and CEO, CT Airport Authority; Mike & Maria Keiser, owners, The Entrepreneur Circle

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Cyber Monday

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TLFP Hillstead Museum Kick-Off Meeting 10/19/17

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FPS 1702: Harvey Hubbell

Filmmaker Harvey Hubbell joins us to talk about his initial inspiration to become a filmmaker, his previous documentaries, and his recent shift to focusing on educational documentaries. Harvey also…

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FPS 1701: Johnathon Henninger

Photographer, documentarian, and CCSU alum Johnathon Henninger joins us for this episode of Frames Per Second!

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Hour 1711

Guests scheduled to appear: Carrie Carella, Owner/Operator NoRa Cupcake Company; Jenn T. Grace, CEO & Founder Purpose Driven Publishing, LGBTQ Business Strategist; Robert Rodriguez,…

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